AppMySite: a no code tool to transform your site into an application

When starting a business, there is always the question “should I develop a site or an application?” “. Some will choose one of the two solutions, sometimes both. People spend a lot of time on their mobile and some apps get addictive. However, developing a mobile application requires time, resources and technical knowledge, which not everyone has.

AppMySite solves the skills problem, offering an AI-based service that allows you to build a mobile application, without having to enter a single line of code. The tool can also convert a WordPress or WooCommerce site into a native application. AppMySite can thus help eCommerce owners !

Mobile applications in just a few minutes

To transform a site into an application via AppMySite, the process is very simple. After entering site information such as URL, CMS used, site type and name of the application, the module to manage the appearance of the application appears. From the logo of the application, to the registration or login screen, including a dashboard, all the elements are customizable.


It is then possible to modify the preview of the application on mobile, details such as the background, the font size, the font, the colors are customizable . All changes are available via a live preview. The names of categories, pages, buttons can also be changed.

Complete customization of the application


Once the visual aspect is managed, a final preview of the application appears in order to check all the elements: colors, images, wording… You will then have to connect the application, for this a validation must be done on WordPress or WooCommerce. The application can then be published on the stores: Google Play Store and App Store.


AppMySite is a paid tool. A lifetime deal is currently available. For example, for $ 39 instead of $ 684, all of the features listed above are available as well as access to three users and three sites. The $ 199 offer instead of $ 5,700 makes it possible to transform 25 sites into applications, to have an unlimited number of users, the white label …