Send mass emails with Gmail and Google Sheets

Few months ago, I discovered YAMM (Yet Another Mail Merge) and it completely changed my approach to email campaigns. This add-on (available on Google Sheet) allows you to send a pre-written email to your prospects listed on your spreadsheet

YAMM saves you time and avoid using expensive emailing tools. Moreover, the tool offers to integrate dynamic fields (elements that change according to the information on the spreadsheet) to your email.

To make it simple, you use your spreadsheet as a database by integrating dynamic fields (optional). You write your email on Gmail ( you leave it as a draft). Once you’re ready, you launch your emailing campaign and get (amongst others) a complete report on the opening rate, clicks and bounce emails.

Pricing : free for sending 50 emails per day, ~ $20 per year for sending 400 emails per day with an associated domain name and $40 per year for sending 1500 emails per day with a domain name associated to G-Suite.