UK invests in NoCode development in 2021

The West Midlands, one of the central regions of the United Kingdom, has become the first region in the world to encourage training courses in nocode development with a view to driving the country’s economic recovery and growth.

In 2020, NoCode became one of the major trends that is revolutionizing the way of creating digital applications, allowing anyone to develop prototypes of web apps and mobile applications quickly and at low cost.

How entrepreneurs and new local startups are supported

SuperTech , in partnership with some of the leading technology companies in the West Midlands area, are launching a free nocode development training course through the Bubble platform , one of the best nocode platforms for web application development.

Bubble is so popular that it is becoming a real “framework” with the emergence of professionals specialized in the development of nocode with this platform.

Unfortunately it is only for residents of this region (the area surrounding Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK).

The aim of the training course is to teach how to exploit the potential of nocode development to create new business and startup ideas.

The West Midlands region, an area populated by nearly 6 million people with a size comparable to that of Calabria, is the second most productive and technological area in the UK after London.

The financial backing of this initiative is the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP), a partnership of companies that have been working together since 2010 to stimulate the local economy with an approach oriented towards business creation.

SuperTech is part of these companies.

Their mission is that of professional contamination through their community of entrepreneurs linked to the digital world in the fields of finance, insurance and legal support.

What is the training course in nocode

The course consists of 6 weeks of remote training which are divided as follows:

  • Week 1: Validation of the idea and Lean development of the startup
  • Week 2, 3 and 4: Prototype development with Bubble
  • Week 5: Prototype launch and early user search
  • Week 6: Capital Raising and Pitch Day

It is not the first time that initiatives for the creation of digital startups and training of software developers have been promoted in this area of ​​the United Kingdom through training courses lasting 16 weeks.

The cost to the government for these courses was around £ 8,000 per person.

The 6-week nocode development course costs £ 800 per person, less than half the cost at a fraction of the cost and will lead to the same result of turning a business idea into a working prototype.

In fact, at the end of the 6 weeks the participants will have to present to an audience of investors a prototype that is complete from the point of view of functionality, validated from the point of view of the business and perhaps with a traction made by the first early adopters.


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